Students (7th-12th)

At MBC Students, our mission is to partner with students, equipping them with the gospel of God’s grace and empowering them to minister according to their gifting and calling. At MBCS we care deeply about doing all we can to help students and their families. We pray that parents utilize MBCS as a parenting tool that is always at their disposal.

Sunday Morning

Sunday School 9-10am

Sunday School in the MBC Student Ministry is designed to be a relaxed time of fellowship and study for our students. Our Sunday School program is open to all students in the 7th-12th grade. For the first thirty minutes students are encouraged to chat with leaders and peers while enjoying some breakfast and coffee. The latter half is focused around an informal Bible lesson designed to give students a better working knowledge of the Word of God. Following Sunday School, students are encouraged to participate in the MBC Sunday Morning Service in the Sanctuary.

Wednesday Night

MBC Student Meal 5:30-6:00pm (Family Meal 5:30-6:45)

Wednesday Nights are a vital component to the life of Midland Bible Church as a whole, as well as the MBC Student Ministry. On Wednesday Nights the congregation will share a meal together, followed by a myriad of options of programming. For more info on the Wednesday Night offerings beyond the Student Ministry refer to the Equipping page. While the meal lasts until 6:45 for the general church body, students utilize the first thirty minutes to eat their meal before our programming begins.

MBCS Wednesday Night 6:00-7:15pm

The programming for Students on Wednesday Night is designed to be a self contained service for all students in the 7th-12th Grade. This service begins at 6:00 with a short message that introduces students to a Biblical topic. Students then break up into small groups to discuss this topic and how it applies to their lives. These small groups are divided up by age and gender to help make the discussion more applicable and comfortable for students. Around 7:00 the students gather up all together to participate in a time of worship together with the MBC Student Worship Team until 7:15. Student programming is purposefully designed to end well before Wednesday Night Programming is finished. This is for several reasons. Firstly, we want to give our students the ability to serve the MBC body by helping out in the second half of the MBC Kid’s Ministry which takes place from 7:30-8:00. Ending early also gives our students the option to attend MBC Wednesday Night programming with their parents to experience becoming equipped alongside their family. Thirdly, this also allows ministers serving in the Student Ministry to still attend Wednesday Night programming. By scheduling MBCS Wednesday Night this way, we ensure the opportunity for students and adults to both be equipped as well as serve the body.

Our team is built upon the belief that every believer is a minister.

Our Team

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