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The Bible in 90 Minutes


Ever wonder how the different books of the Bible fit together? Or what God’s plan for history and eternity is? With our modern exegetical style sermons and single-book/topical study groups we have grown accustomed to, the Bible can start to feel like that jigsaw puzzle you started and then lost the box for so now you can’t use it to cheat, I mean finish. But really, having that picture on the box makes it so much easier to complete, right? Instead, you’re just sifting through hundreds of pieces trying to make sense of them. On February 10, 2019, we were fortunate to have Dwight Edwards present the Bible as a whole, in (you guessed it) 90 minutes! This special class will help you retain the whole of the Bible through mental picturing, and touch on how that affects our perspective going forward and living out our faith.

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