Jr. High (7th–8th)

MBCS Jr. High Structure

Small Group

Jr. High Small Groups provide an environment for spiritual growth that is more tailored to each demographic as well as offering a place for students to build relationships with their peers as well as adult ministers. Small Groups exist as a part of MBCS Wednesday Night programming. To take part in Small Groups just join us on Wednesdays!

Growth Events

MBC Students schedules several events and trips with the primary goal of spiritual growth and development in mind. The goal of these trips is to put intentional focus on the spiritual life of a student. The Fall Retreat is a prime example of a growth event.

MBCS Weekly

There are two events that exist in MBCS on a weekly basis. The goal of these meetings is to provide students a place to exist where they can fellowship, study the Bible, and worship together. Currently MBCS meets Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

Base Events

MBCS schedules many events throughout the year with the primary goal of fun in place. These trips are an opportunity for students to cut loose and have fun in an environment that promotes loving God and others in the process. The Chili Cook Off, Summer Trips, and Ski Trip are examples of Base Events.

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To partner with students, equipping them with the gospel of God’s grace and empowering them to minister according to their gifting and calling. At MBCS we care deeply about doing all we can to help students and their families. We realize that our ability to influence a student is vastly limited compared to the influence of parents and because of this we hope to equip and empower parents along with students to build into the most influential relationship of a student’s life. We pray that parents utilize MBCS as a parenting tool that is at their disposal and open to their influence and direction. Regardless of the level of involvement from parents, we are dedicated to doing all we can to speak truth into every one of our student’s lives in hopes that they become people who care about loving God and others well. Our entire structure is built to focus all of our energies toward intentional discipleship.

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