Search through a list of groups that would work for your area, day of the week and stage of life.

If you really want to be a part of what Midland Bible Church is all about, you need to join one of our INGroups. INGroups are the first and most critical place for people to get connected, get plugged in, discover their spiritual gifts and find their place to serve as ministers of Midland Bible Church. The vision for MBC INGroups is to be a place for people to walk alongside one another in faith, fellowship and love.

INGroups is the best thing we offer at MBC and we would love to get you connected with a group. To get involved with INGroups or to find out more information, simply email groups@midlandbible.org and someone from the INGroups Ministry will contact you to answer your questions and get you plugged in to a group that fits your family’s needs and availability.