The Table Connection Week 25


The Grave Mistake of Not Listening to Your Wife

by Shannon Laning

Matthew 27 (NASB)

Every time I read through the Bible I see something new. Sometimes I glean really important, life-changing truths from it and sometimes it reaffirms the things that I already know. Regardless, there is much to be learned in Matthew 27.
The story of Jesus, His trial, and the crucifixion are not new to me or most of you. One thing that jumped out this week: Pilate’s wife warned him against doing anything to Jesus. “Have nothing to do with that just Man, for I have suffered many things today in a dream because of Him.” Pilate did not listen to this sage advice. Pilate cared more about popular and political opinion, so gave Jesus over to be crucified.
While it’s very tempting to make this entire post all about the importance of a woman’s point of view and her God-given intuition that her husband should take into account and hold it with the highest esteem, I want to focus more on the things that we even as women might do. In today’s society, it is easy to want to go with the flow to do what is popular instead of what is right. We have seen this with so many popular Christian authors and speakers. They have fallen away from fighting for truth and have traded that in for a life of popularity. The Bible is very clear that following Jesus will not make you the most popular person.

Our society is easily offended, and the last thing we as Christians want to do is provoke disagreement. But our job is to stand for truth. And on the flip side, sometimes it is hard to hear truth from when we aren’t perfect. I like to think that I am more like Pilate’s wife, the wise council not headed, but sometimes I find myself being more like Pilate. Thankfully, the cost of what I have done didn’t lead to the crucifixion of Jesus, but, then again, it kind of did. Jesus died for and covers the sin of all. So even though I did not physically put Jesus on the cross, my actions did.
There’s an old Dixie Chicks song that says, “Trading truth and for a lie; cheating really ain’t a crime.” We sometimes want to trade in what is true, right and just for the lies the world disguises as justice, righteousness and truth. Wise counsel can be something like Pilate’s wife, someone really close, whom we really care about and whose opinion matters. It could even be someone you don’t know that well like a pastor, acquaintance, or speaker you’ve never met. I don’t want to be like Pilate, not at all.

Speak truth in love. Listen to truth with a teachable heart. This will be a battle. And men, for God’s sake, listen to your wife!

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