The Table Connection Week 17


Into His Arms

In this week’s Scripture, Jesus tells His disciples to “let the little children come to Me.” Imagine for a moment that you are busy with the day’s routine tasks when you hear that Jesus is passing through your village. You cannot miss this opportunity. You scoop up your young toddler, push you’re way through the crowd, and make it close enough for the disciples catch on to your plan and tell you to stay back.

But then, Jesus.

Jesus sees you, invites you near, lays His hands on the child, and offers a prayer. Wouldn’t you love to have the opportunity to present your child to the Christ?

You do.

Women, we have spiritual access to God and the right to request spiritual blessings for the lives under our care. Our words can be words that speak God’s blessings into children’s lives and into their HEARTS. Do you know how impactful that is? Instead of trying to control circumstances, why not ask God to bless their circumstances (time in the nursery, first day of school, a play date, a new job, a new relationship); whatever they may be.

Prayer is a mighty mother’s tool to scoop up her child, of any age or size, and place that precious one into the arms of a loving savior.  Does this change the way you think about praying for your child?

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