Advent: Peace Day 5



by Andrew Adams

Scripture: Luke 2:13-14; Isaiah 52:7; John 14:27


We see here in Luke 2 that the angels who come and declare peace do it to some humble, industrious shepherds who are living out what they were called to do. They were doing the duties and responsibilities that they were assigned to do. They were living out their occupation and were being faithful to that. As they are committed to what they are suppose to do it is then that they receive a divine appointment from God’s angels. The angels come to give news to the shepherds and declare to them that Jesus will bring them peace. They are able to receive this message of peace because they were found faithful to what they knew they should be doing. The peace that they would experience knowing the Prince of Peace was announced to the world to those that were rewarded by God for living out their life in an honorable, God glorifying, way.

As we continue to focus on what Jesus has done for us this Christmas season and look forward to the sermon, what does it look like for us to be faithful to what God has called us to do? Are you doing your duties and responsibilities that God has given you? Are you being faithful to all that God has called you to do with your family, friends, work, and church? Have you put yourself in a position to experience the peace of God and have a divine appointment with him? Are you at peace with where you are at in your life this holiday season? Is there things that you need to change? Do you not feel at peace with what you are doing in the different aspects of your life? Do you need to change something in your life or do you need to get back to something that you have neglected in order to experience the peace that Jesus offers to you? Pray and talk to God about that.

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