The mission of MBC Youth is to partner with parents in helping their youth become people who care about loving God and loving others. We do this by offering a place for youth to deepen meaningful relationships, serve alongside one another, study the Bible, and worship God together.


What’s happening in June?!

Remember: While there is still Youth Wednesday nights, there will be no food over the summer. So don’t forget to plan accordingly.

Coffee & Cinema Summer Small Group: This summer, we are excited to be offering a small group unlike anything we’ve done so far called Coffee & Cinema. Coffee & Cinema is a group that will enjoy watching films and drinking some high quality espresso drinks dreamed up by our very own Mary Henson that will go along with the film we watch at that particular meeting. Originally we had planned to do this group on Sunday nights but in wanting to allow students and their families to join in with all of the Summer Shindigs going on at the church, we have decided instead to meet on select Thursdays from 3 – 5:30pm starting June 15. If you’re interested in being a part of this group and keeping in the loop as to when and where we will meet, just let me know and I’ll make sure you get all the pertinent information.

Summer Camp*: Summer Camp is just around the corner and we are getting all of the last minute details ironed out and doing our best to help all of our attendees be prepared and excited for what’s to come. All Summer Camp registrants should have recently received an email outlining how to register on the Noah’s Ark website. If you did not receive this email, just let me know and I’ll make sure that gets to you. Summer Camp info such as times and the packing list is available below. If you have any questions about camp please let me know!

*There will be no Youth or Coffee & Cinema on June 28 or 29 due to Summer Camp.

Youth Worship Band: Another thing that changes during the Summer is the youth worship band on Wednesday nights. Chris Craig will be leading worship over the summer and with certain members gone for a lot of the holiday, we want to encourage anyone potentially interested in being a part of the worship band to attend. We rehearse most Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30pm and have room for anyone who’d like to be involved. Just let me know you’re interested and I’ll plug you in!

Summer Camp Info


Noah’s Ark

23910 US – 285

Buena Vista, CO 81211


Meet at MBC June 27th at 5:30am.
Depart at 6:00am.
Arrive back at MBC July 1 by 10:00pm.
(We will be traveling via charter bus to and from camp.)


Luke McDonald
Lee McDonald
Justin Wood
Tom Texeira
Robyn Werner
Amber Rogers
Eddie Tate


This year for camp we will be staying in weatherport tents located next to the river at Noah’s Ark. This isn’t full on camping, but it will be closer to camping than what we’ve done in the past. We will be staying in these large tents sleeping on sleeping pads in sleeping bags for the true outdoor experience without the full on camping experience.

Electronic Device Policy

Electronic Devices will be allowed for the trip to and from camp but will be taken up prior to arriving at camp to encourage participation and a retreat mentality. Digital cameras are allowed.

Packing List

Bible & Pen
Clothing (we will be outside most of the time so bring clothing suited for the outdoors, cotton is discouraged)
Long Pants
Closed Toe Shoes
Boots/Shoes for Hiking
Water Shoes
Outdoor clothing, no skirts, dresses. Long pants or long shorts are ok. Wool or fleece jacket (nothing too bulky)
Swim suit (one piece only)
Water bottle
Sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher)
Lunch Money (students will be responsible for 2 lunches on the road) Toiletries
Sleeping Pad (no air mattresses)
Sleeping Bag (0-20 degree bag)
Any inhalers or medications you may need
If you wear a brace for any kind of physical activity then bring it along

Lip Balm
Something to tie back long hair (helpful for some of the activities we’ll be doing) Snacks for the road

Sign Ups

New Youth Sign Up

Volunteer in MBCY

2017 Youth Sunday

Small Groups

Type: Co-ed

Ages: Juniors, Seniors

Meets: Every other Sunday, 5:30 – 6:30pm at Luke McDonald’s house.

Synopsis: Summit is a small group of juniors and seniors who are interested in serving MBC Youth. This group learns what servant leadership looks like and then is offered the opportunity to put that knowledge into practice.

Type: Co-ed

Ages: 7th – 12th

Meets: Every other Thursday, 3 – 5:30pm.

Synopsis: Coffee & Cinema is a group that will enjoy watching films and drinking some high quality espresso drinks dreamed up by our very own Mary Henson that will go along with the film we watch at that particular meeting.


The diagram above is all that MBC Youth has to offer students and their parents. Our goal is to make the expectations very clear in terms of student involvement. We realize that time is a precious commodity for students and parents alike so we’d like to make it very simple to be involved in our program. Featured in the image above are the different categories of MBC Youth involvement. There is a specific amount of time required for each category. Our goal is to see students involved in at least one of the following categories: one on one discipleship, small groups, or service projects. To the right is a description of the purpose and goal of each of these categories to help you better understand the different levels of MBC Youth.


Summit is a small group of juniors and seniors interested in serving MBC Youth. This group is responsible for special events like volleyball games, football game tailgates, service projects, etc… This group is involved in the events themselves, the planning of said events, and the advertisement and recruiting for events. Summit members are involved in helping members of MBC Youth feel comfortable and welcome. The group also serves as a feedback loop for the Youth Minister and a MBC Youth brainstorming group. There are very clear prerequisites and expectations that a youth must meet in order to be a part of this group.

Service Projects

In an effort to act out the love of Christ in a practical way, MBC Youth are given the opportunity to take part in various service projects. These projects will vary based on what is needed but the overall goal will always be the same; to love others by serving them.


Every student in MBC Youth is given the opportunity to be mentored and discipled by an adult. These meetings are scheduled according to the availability of the discipler and the student. The goal of this program is to provide very specific and intentional spiritual guidance to students who seek to grow spiritually.

Small Group

Every MBC Youth is invited to take part in small groups. These groups are divided according to age and gender and typically meet once a week at a time and place scheduled by each small group leader. To take part in one of these groups, a youth or parent simply has to contact Luke McDonald to find out which group they belong in, when and where that group meets, and who the leaders of that group are. Small groups provide an environment for spiritual growth that is more tailored to each demographic as well as offering a place for students to meet other students who are in the same walk of life as themselves.

Growth Events

MBC Youth schedules several events and trips with the primary goal of spiritual growth and development in mind. The goal of these trips is to put intentional focus on the spiritual life of a youth. The Fall Retreat is an example of a growth event.

Recurring Events

There are two events that exist in MBC Youth on a weekly basis: Sunday School (Sun 9 – 10am) and Wednesday Night Youth (Wed 7 – 8:30pm). The goal of these meetings is to provide students a place to hang out on a weekly basis where they can fellowship together, study the Bible together, and worship together.

Base Events

MBC Youth schedules many events throughout the year with the primary goal of fun. These events are an opportunity for youth to cut loose and have fun in an environment that promotes loving God and others in the process. The Chili Cook Off, Midsummer Mayhem Trip, and Ski Trip are examples of Base Events.

Questions? Ask Luke!

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