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August 26

Want to disciple someone? Or maybe want to be discipled? Sign up here.

What Men's Ministry has to Offer

The mission of the Men’s Ministry is to offer men various opportunities to connect to other men in loving God and loving others. This is done by offering men opportunities to engage in meaningful relationships, learn to follow God, and serve others.

Fellowship happens when the Body of Christ comes together. It can be as simple as hanging out together and as deep as sharing the joys and hurts in your life so you can be known and know others. It can be a larger group, a small group, or a group of two. What anchors our fellowship is a truth: that wherever two or more are gathered in His name, He is there among them. Knowing that Jesus in is the midst of us, we look for what He is doing in each moment and we join Him in that work.

Learning to follow God is not merely growing in knowledge, but growing in applying what we know about God in our lives. As we grow in our relationship with our Father, we will learn to know Him better, listen to what He is telling us in each moment, and obey what He tells us. Learning to follow God is what empowers our fellowship and our serving. It is how we come to know the Father, experience the power of the Spirit, and be conformed to the image of the Son.

Serving is reaching out to other people. It can be secret or public; in the Body of MBC or outside of it; serving physical needs, financial needs, emotional needs, or spiritual needs. It is a group of people who corporately decide to give their time, energy, and resources to another as an act of worshiping God.

Men’s Groups – This weekly time is geared to guys who want to spend time together and see how they can apply God’s Word every day to their lives. These groups engage in meaningful relationships and learning to follow God.

Men’s Discipleship – At Midland Bible we believe that every disciple is a learner, a follower, and a reproducer of Jesus Christ. We intentionally do this one man at a time by investing in their lives so that they will invest in the lives of other men. If you are interested in discipleship, ask for Collin Pedersen on Sunday morning, or Click Here to fill out a form and he will contact you.

Men’s Golf – Men who enjoy golf can sign up for golf outings where you and three others play a round of golf together. What better way to do something you love and get to know other men at the same time. This ministry runs from March to September.

Questions? Ask Chris!