Missy Tate submitted a handful of questions that were very helpful in clearing up what Mission Partner is all about. With her permission, I’d like to share her questions and our responses in order to hopefully provide clarity.


Remember that you can submit any questions you have by clicking here. Thanks Missy for helping us communicate more effectively!


Many people at our church are involved in various ministries inside and outside the church (official/unofficial/personal). It has been that way since I’ve been coming. How is this “Mission Partnership” different than the way things already are?
You’re completely correct that we have operated in this kind of a structure for a long time now. It’s one of the reasons I love MBC and why I come here. Mission Partner seeks to formalize this relationship between the church and its active participants in a way that not only acknowledges the amazing contributions to the kingdom on the part of our church, but also encourages more people to do the same thing. For a lot of people the only thing that will change will be the formal partnership that already exists on a practical level.


Eddie and I do and have done several things in different ministry departments of the church. We also do a lot outside the purview of MBC. Sometimes with support (like asking for donations for Eddie to take to Hurricane Harvey victims) and sometimes completely on our own. Is “Mission Partner” simply putting a name to what we do, wanting to have its fingers in everything we do, or is leadership looking to be more supporting of and partnering with individual efforts to minister to others?
The last thing MBC wants to do is to be a hindrance in any way to ministry. Nor do we want our fingers in anything or control over anything. Your last statement hits the nail on the head. We simply want to encourage ministry however we can and equip and empower people to do the type of things that you and Eddie already do so well and often. Essentially we want to do more to help support you guys and help others become more like the Tates!


Our “motto” is to “Love God, Love Others”. Is becoming a Romans 12 church, creating a Mission Partnership just a way of demonstrating or giving practical “guidance” on loving others? Stirring up desire in the church to actually step out and do something in that regard?
Again, you’ve hit the nail on the head. And any insight or advice you could offer to help us be able to do that better would be much appreciated! Loving God and Others is our overall mission and Romans 12 and Mission Partner are the mechanisms through which we hope to do just that.
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