BIG changes are happening at mbcKIDS!

We are completely revamping KIDS church over the next several weeks! (I know, new logo, new KIDS church, ALL THE NEW!) We hope to have everything up and running again in October, but we need your help. If you have ever considered being a part of the awesome things that happen with mbcKIDS, now is your chance to get plugged into a new and exciting opportunity!

Awesome! How do I sign up!

If you are interested in getting involved, click here to fill out the mbcKIDS volunteer form. 

Sounds cool, but I still have some questions…

For more information, contact Justin Wood using the contact form below.

Sooooooo what now?

For now, EVERY SUNDAY IS FAMILY WORSHIP SUNDAY! WOO! There will still be Sunday School for all ages, but only childcare for pre-k and under during the worship hour.

Stay tuned for more details about the new launch!

What MBC Kids Has To Offer



A new year of Awana, with a powerful focus!

Hey Awana parents, the new Awana year is upon us! We are revamping some aspects of club this year that I want to pass along, as well as give you the first shot at getting your kids signed up. Please take a few moments and read through this email as given the changes we will be implementing are a really big deal!


You will never hear me say that I care about numbers when it comes to any aspect of ministry. I am not trying to grow anything for the sake of being the biggest Awana club, or have the most kids on a Sunday morning, etc. Unfortunately, I think that is exactly what has happened to our Awana club, just with a twist. As more kids show up (because of our AWESOME leaders!) I have had to recruit more leaders, then more kids, then more leaders. This has put us in a position of largely being babysitters and managing chaos, while some of our kids go weeks without the opportunity to recite the verses they have memorized. There is a limit as to how effective we can be when we are understaffed, no matter how good our intentions. This year, I am making some changes to shift the focus of trying to maintain the right NUMBERS to one of creating better RELATIONSHIPS.


When you think about it, relationships are what it is all about. We want to help our kids cultivate a relationship with God. We do this more effectively when we have a relationship with these kids, and that is strengthened when we commit to a relationship with their parents.


Here is what club will look like this year:

1. Cubbies will no longer be a public program. We will continue to have Cubbies as a vehicle for childcare for our Awana leaders and Youth leaders first, others serving in a ministry area on Wednesday nights second, and for ladies attending Bible study third.

2. Cubbies will be moved to the Genesis wing so they can be in a classroom with restrooms and exist in a space that is more conducive for our kids. With this being said, we will have a cap on Cubbies of (12) 3 year olds, and (12) 4 year olds.

3. Sparks will accept kids as there are spots open for them. Once our initial group of leaders sign up, we will know how many openings we will have in which to place kids. Once an area is full, we will no longer accept new sign ups until a new leader signs up. We will encourage parents to catch our vision and come be a part of club, which will not only get their child in, but will allow more kids to come to club from our waiting list.

4. T&T will loosely follow the Sparks model, though we will be a little less strict as the older kids can function better than the younger kids in an environment with fewer leaders. We will still pay close attention to our leader / child ratios since what is important is the opportunity to build RELATIONSHIPS.

What can you expect as a leader this year? We are asking for a strong commitment to RELATIONSHIPS, with the kids in your group, with their parents, and with one another. I am looking for leaders who will be with their set group of kids throughout the year, who will follow up with them outside of club, and who will stay in contact with their parents.

As a leader, your child will have a guaranteed spot in Awana at MBC. There will not be a hard cap on how many kids can be in club, we will take everyone that we can, keeping our focus on building these relationships.

If you are interested in being a leader, or have questions about signing up for AWANA 2017/18 at MBC, contact Justin by using the form below, or feel free to come find him on a Wednesday night.

MBC Kid’s Day Out


MBC Kids Day Out program provides the children in the community a safe, happy, loving Christian environment where they can learn and grow in the love that God has for them.

MBC Kids’ Day out is offered on Wednesday and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m from September to May. Please contact Debbie Munt for more information!

Genesis (0 – 4) Sun 9:00am


God is up to big things, even in little people! Genesis is a childcare program for infants and toddlers to explore and learn about the love of God in a safe and structured environment. Our dedicated volunteers provide spiritual nourishment through stories, songs, playtime, and crafts.

Genesis offers care for children from birth through 4 years on Sunday mornings (both Sunday School & Worship Service hours), for weeknight small groups, and Ladies Bible Studies.

Journey (K – 6th) Sun 9:00am

journey-logo-iconJourney Sunday School is a fun time to learn God’s Word. Every week, all grades learns the same lesson through teaching and a hands-on activity. The single lesson across all grades enables parents to engage their children during the week and guide them spiritually.

Journey is every Sunday at 9:00am for children from kindergarten through 6th grade.

Questions? Ask Justin!

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