Can only Mission Partners use the MBC facilities outside regular ministry usage?


The above question was submitted via our online form (which can be filled out by clicking here).

Short answer: No

Longer answer: Mission Partnership IS NOT required to use the building. There are other things in place that govern the usage of the MBC facility. We have a building usage policy that our Facilities Director, Tom Teixeira, oversees. There are several different factors that play a role in when and how the facilities can be used but Mission Partner is not a consideration in that process.

If you’d be interested in using the facility the process is simple. Simply email Tom (pictured above in all of his awesomeness) at and give him the details of your request and he will contact you for any more details that he may need and then contact you with the response and/or the conditions of your use of the building. We have tried to make the process easy and personal to not detract people from utilizing our beautiful building so please consider it an option as you dream up ways of serving others!


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